Our Food

Vegan Options 

We offer a variety of traditional dishes for our vegan customers, come check them out you will definitely love the way we cook.

Homemade Tortillas 

We make our homemade tortillas from scratch every Monday morning. Great for wraps and burritos. Buy a dozen or two or three to take home today. 

Lighter Side and Appetizers

Our Starters can serve as an appetizer for the table or a light lunch for one or two to share. our cheese pupusas, fruits, and veggies are combined to tease the taste buds and tantalize the tongue.

Vegan Friendly Options

Try our Nacatamales called one of the best in town this Central American Dish originated in Nicaragua will leave your palate amazed, rich in flavors and a amazing sized portion. 

Farm Fresh Produce

Selected each day from local growers at farmers markets and co-ops, we use only fresh organic produce in all of our dishes. Fruits and vegetables are crisp and juicy.


Served with Curtido

made fresh to order.

Try our Sopa Marinera

every ONE says it taste like heaven.